My First Blog :D

This is the post excerpt.


My experience setting up this blog was very fun. It reminded me of tumblr and I love tumblr. I think what made it more fun was that I am blogging about something that I love. I am new to wordpress so it was interesting to see how the setup is. I was a bit confused with trying to add the widgets and customize my blog. But eventually I got the hang of it. I am excited to see how my blog turns out.


I found this picture on google. I used this picture because the main reason for this blog is my love for tattoos and this picture expresses it all.


I found this picture on google as well. I used this picture because I always get asked this question all the time about if they hurt and if I regret them. I say no each time because I don’t regret any of my tattoos.

Extra Post!! ( I applied to be a human canvas for ink master )

So today I was watching tv and I came across ink master. I haven’t watched it in so long so I was like wow I forgot how good this show is. When the commercial came on it showed a ad saying they are looking for people to apply to be a human canvas on the show. I looked it up online and they are in fact looking for people. Basically you apply to be tattooed on the show. I think this is so awesome and I am excited to see if I get picked or not!! If anybody wants to apply you can here.


How to share my blog

Hey guys! I would like for everyone to share my blog through social media. I did mention this in one of my last posts but I think that sharing it on social media is the best way! One of the sites I really want everyone to share it on is instagram and twitter. I always say instagram because so many people are on it and I have a lot of followers that would help promote my blog. I also say twitter because I see so many people have their pictures and tweets retweeted. Twitter is so worldwide all across the world and I think that by just one person sharing it could be seen all over the world. Another way I like for you to share my blog is through word of mouth. Rutgers is so big and just by saying it in the dining hall, or the gym, or starbucks that one person can spread it and then my blog could get more views. Word of mouth is the still a good way to get promotion out believe it or not. One time in class one of my friends promoted her web series just by telling the class to follow her youtube page and when she would have auditions. Just by her doing that she got so many views on her youtube page. Try it 😀

My website compared to others…

I think my blog doesn’t really fit in with other blogs. Other tattoo blogs I have seen are more so just showing pictures of peoples tattoos and not too many posts. With my blog it was more so of me posting posts about certain topics and then I just uploaded pictures of me in the about section. Also my blog is personal and many other tattoo blogs I have seen are of people just posting about tattoos. I love that my tattoo blog is personal and unique because it does stand out from other ones. I think that with my standing out people see that and then they would want to view it more because of that. My website adds to the conversation about having tattoos while having a career. I address all of the problems that people receive about having tattoos and wanting to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or even pharmacist. My blog shows that you could be all four if you wanted with tattoos. I love that my blog shows that people can express themselves with tattoos and still go into the career choice of their liking. Many tattoo blogs do not talk about it so I think that with this on mine makes the conversation about tattoos better.

Powerpuff Yourself!

Creating my cartoon character was really fun! It reminded me back when I was younger and I would always make those doll characters online and then print them out and put them on my wall. This was my childhood making these. Also, the powerpuff girls was one of my favorite childhood tv shows. My favorite one was Buttercup. She always had a mean face but she always would smile once her dad was around. I don’t know why I liked her so much. For halloween when I was six I was Blossom. I had the mask with the hair piece, the outfit, and shoes. I thought I was the coolest thing at school. I think things came out good creating my character. I chose the two puff puff buns for my hair because I am always putting my hair in two buns when I am too lazy to do my hair. It looks similar to me when I do that with my hair so I think it is cool even thought it may seem corny. I felt like a kid all over again making this cartoon character. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed creating a powerpuff character.



Creative Commons Search Engine

I found these two images that are very relatable to my blog. The first one is linked here. For this picture I thought it was relatable to my blog because she is a lawyer with several tattoos. Looking at her I would have never known that she was a lawyer. I want to become a lawyer and eventually become a judge. Looking at this picture is really fascinating because I know this will be me in the future. I always get negativity from others because I have tattoos and I want to go in to the law profession. Nobody understands that they are easily coverable and having tattoos does not make you dumb or not smarter then a lawyer without tattoos. Another picture I found relatable to my blog is this one linked right here. I loved this picture because you should never judge a book by its cover. These people covered in tattoos, nobody would have never known they were with them being in a full suit. Your future doctor saving your life or lawyer trying to help you win a case could be covered in tattoos from head to toe. You would not know that once they have on their uniform or business attire.  This has taught me that anybody can go in to any profession and not to judge anybody by what they have on their skin. This is appropriate for my blog because this is very relatable to my topic for my website.

My Meme

The meme that expresses my feelings is Arthur’s Fist. “Arthur’s Fist is a reaction image featuring a screen capture of the protagonist Arthur from the titular children’s television series holding a clinched fist, which is often accompanied by captions describing various infuriating or frustrating circumstances”. I chose this meme for being beneficial for my blog because I get frustrated every time someone says “Why do you have so many tattoos, Will you regret them in the future, and Why do you keep getting more?”. It gets really annoying hearing these questions all the time from the almost the same people. A lot of them are friends and coworkers. The thing that gets me annoyed is the fact that it is my body not anybody else’s. I have them on my body where they are easily coverable with clothes and/or makeup. I am not going crazy where I look like a freak with them they just are a way to symbolize beauty and art. My career is law so every tattoo I have will be covered because lawyers dress in business casual clothes which are blazers and dress pants which are long sleeve and the pants are long. I know I have a lot of tattoos but hearing the same question over and over gets annoying. I also found this meme funny as well. I have so many of the Arthur’s Fist memes saved in my phone.

Promote my blog!!!

One way to help promote my blog with social media would be using instagram and twitter. Instagram and twitter have increased with popularity over the years. Almost everyone is on instagram now a days. There are so many celebrities and bloggers using theses social media sites. I believe it is beneficial to my blog because since these are popular social media sites with promoting my blog on there I will get more people to follow me. I have seen many blogs and people’s pages increase with promoting on instagram and twitter. For example, my one friend starting doing natural hair tutorials on youtube. She had a decent amount of followers on instagram. Once she started doing her videos she would share it on instagram for her followers to promote her and she ended up receiving 3000 subscribers within a few weeks. Not everyone thinks promoting your page on social media works but it just takes that one follower to get your page promoted. Most of the celebrities are on twitter as well. If you use unique and popular hashtags when promoting someones blog or page that one celebrity might see it and it could go viral. There is a account on instagram called @theshaderoom where people who posts videos take them and if this pages likes it they repost it on their page. Their account has over 1 million followers with about half of those being celebrities. Instagram is the number one social media tool to help promote my blog and other ones as well!